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"We like to travel a lot and to know that our house is safe and secure while we are away. We have no worries with that here; we just lock the door and go."

"The home I lived in was becoming a real tie, with endless maintenance to do. Even simple things like changing a light bulb became difficult. Then there was the garden and the unplanned expenses that seemed always to be cropping up. Here, I know exactly what I have to pay each month and everything is done for me. I've got a whole new life."

"Living at Riverside takes me back to when I was a kid and we all used to know everyone down our street. It’s total peace of mind. We have a full time manager to call on – Ken, not some faceless corporation – who is always there if I need help with anything."

"I've always lived in Renmark and thought I’d have to move one day. I was so excited when I discovered Riverside Estate: it’s all you could ever want in the place I love."

"We are from the Eastern States and heard about Riverside Estate from friends. We were amazed at how much more we got for our money compared to other retirement villages. And the houses are such a high standard."

"The people, the facilities, the weather, the relaxed lifestyle are all great, and located on what we are told is the best stretch of the River Murray. For those who are currently looking, this place is worth serious consideration."