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You've brought up your family, paid off the mortgage and now it’s payback time. It’s time to reward yourself for your hard work; time to organise your work around your lifestyle rather than vice versa.

Maybe your plans include extended travel, to see things and visit places you've been putting off. You can take off knowing that your home is secure.

Maybe you'd like to spend more time pursuing leisure activities, hobbies or further education. Or, maybe you'd just like some more time to yourself to potter or relax.

The city’s no place to enjoy this next phase of your life. You need a base by the water where you can smell the clean air, enjoy the freedom from traffic, and take comfort from the fact that all the amenities and services are close by.

Live and mix with others who, like you, are enjoying the best years of their life. Be part of a friendly community where the country atmosphere prevails. You'll be surprised how many friends you haven't met yet.